The project aims to introduce technology to women by providing them with free computer classes in all provinces of Turkey. So far, classes have been successfully completed in the provinces where the facilities are more limited, such as Urfa, Van, Trabzon, Kars, Iğdır, Diyarbakır, Siirt as well as Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Adana. Over 12.000 women have participated in the training, which aimed to make technology an integral part of the life of women, contribute to their personal development, and cultural and social lives. The training sessions continue in the classrooms of Istanbul Cevahir TeknoSA Exxtra store, Trabzon Youth Centre, and Adana Development Initiative Group.

The free computer training classes provided within the scope of the Technology for Women Project includes courses on areas of computer use and basic concepts, use of Internet, sending an e-mail, and general applications of Microsoft Office programs. At the end of the class, women are able to do many things that make their lives easier, such as learning about the weather on the Internet, online banking, benefiting from the websites on child development and health issues, looking for recipes, online shopping, searching for alternative places and prices for holidays, etc. The project reached the finals of the World Retail Awards in 2010 and won a prize at the European CSR Awards in 2013.