We use a system which focuses on the development of both employees and the corporation, in which business and competency objectives are assessed. Our business strategies are spread top-down according to company strategies and priorities. There are work families and set of competencies for each position at TeknoSA. Business and competency objectives are continuously followed during the year. The objectives are reviewed at certain intervals. Our managers give feedbacks, make orientations and coach their subordinates by having one-to-one meetings at certain intervals during the year.

The outputs of performance management system are used for determining training needs, de salaries and career planning of the employees.

As we believe it is an important indicator of the sustainability of our success, we focus on training our managers from within the company. We offer horizontal or vertical progression opportunities to our employees depending on their performance and competencies. Our vacant positions are also announced within the company and our employees are given an opportunity to apply for those positions.

The duties and responsibilities of all our employees have been determined by means of position-based job definitions. With the role definitions in work families, each of our employees knows what is expected from their own positions and what they should achieve to progress. In Career Development Planning, the different tools such as Assessment Centre and 360 degree Competency Evaluation are used.

The promotion decisions for the positions of Store Managers in the stores and Area Managers are taken through Assessment Centre application. In the Assessment Centre application, it is aimed to assess strengths; development and potential areas of our candidate managers based on competencies, and prepare them for management positions. In the Assessment Center, a series of tools including personality inventory, competency-based interview, group and case studies are used. The candidates who are successful in the Assessment Center are included in the three-month “Management Trainee Program”, which is implemented by TeknoSA Academy. The training includes a diversity of programs such as management and coaching skills, retail sales management, customer relations management, organizational structure and procedures of the company.