Teknosa Academy, the first and only Academy of electronic retailing, was set up in 2005 with reference to the philosophy of “Investing in people” of Teknosa.
Teknosa continues its training and development activities in order to provide personal, professional and managerial development of its employees by properly determining their training needs and development fields and have competent, successful employees with  advanced understanding of service in its sector by training staff in accordance with Teknosa standards. Teknosa Academy, serving for the vision of being the biggest and most effective school of Electronic Retailing sector with its applications, has carried out various applications that are taken as an example or shown as an example.
At Teknosa, employees at each rank are offered different training and development opportunities. The training needs are determined within the framework of career development and back-up systems, and training programs, contents and ways of application are formed in a way to meet these needs. Tailor made structured trainings offered to employees are continuously updated by our specialists in the subject content and some of these trainings are added to Teknosa Academy website as e-training (www.teknosaakademi.com). Development of all company employees are carried out in parallel to performance and career planning systems.
A new breakthrough in technology retailing
Besides managerial, professional and personal development trainings to be offered to the available employees at the Academy, a training program is carried out for the new candidate Sales Advisors who want to begin their career in retailing sector and develop themselves in this field. The program lasts 3 weeks and after the completion of the program, they will be given a certificate approved by the Ministry of National Education. Teknosa is still “the first and only” company, which gives this certificate in the sector.

Training at the Academy, the First Step of a Successful Career
The candidates who have completed the training program are employed in the stores considered suitable at the end of the training. Those completing the training are observed in the field and provided on-the-job training by getting support from the Academy for the parts that are thought to be reviewed or need more training; they get e-trainings and/or Store Managers provide information about these issues by means of case studies and one-to-one interviews. The aim is to continuously develop the characteristics of being an organization that acquires and learns together. The employees showing good performance in our rapidly growing company are offered various career opportunities, extending to top management. 


1- Candidate Training Programs
Each staff hired to work at Teknosa stores first participates in a professional training at Teknosa Academy which develops their professional and personal knowledge and skills by participating in the candidate programs, at different periods of time depending on their positions.

  • Sales training
  • Product training
  • System training
  • Communication training
  • Quality Management System training.

2- Training Programs for Those Working at the Head Office or Stores
Each staff starting to work for Teknosa participates in different programs and trainings based on their duties and competencies.  These programs and trainings can be carried out in 3 different development fields as professional, personal and managerial.     
o Professional Development Trainings include trainings about the development of knowledge and skills in the functional fields in which employees are responsible for or planned to be responsible, within the framework of career development. 

o Personal Development Trainings include trainings that develop knowledge and skills  of the employees regarding their personal development.

o Managerial Development Trainings include trainings that develop managerial qualifications, knowledge and skills of the managers or those who are planned to become managers.  


3- E-Learning
In comliance our principle “Sustainability of education” and “education on an equal terms”; the www.teknosaakademi.com education and training website, which was established for our employees to simultaneously access to updated and correct information anywhere and anytime, and benefit from various development tools, is also open to the access of those who participate in the candidate programs to work at Teknosa stores as well as those already working for Teknosa.

On Teknosa Academy e-learning website, the employees can;
o   Assign more than 160 professional/personal/managerial e-trainings offered to them and get any training they want during the year.
o  show training exam information on their user walls, thanks to its ”Social” characteristic, write comments and opinions related to these contents, learn any kind of information in the fields such as questions-answers, discussion groups and news source.
o have access to any questionnaire  and form offered to them.
o largely benefit from the portal contents updated every week and have access to a living information world. 
o learn while having fun with the help of various applications, such as training games, training videos, TechnoCafe.
o have access to the content information/summaries of more than 700 books and make an instant request to read these books.
o access to monthly Teknosa e-bulletins and examine archives.