General Information

TeknoSA Domestic and Foreign Trading Inc. is the technology retailing company of Hacı Ömer Sabancı Holding A.Ş. and aims to provide consumers with the latest technology at the best prices and high quality service.

Started out with 5 stores in the year 2000, the company provides services all over Turkey with almost 300 stores, teknosa.com and mobile platforms. TeknoSA offers its customers thousands of technology products including TVs to smartphones, game and hobby products to white goods, notebooks to personal care.

Thanks to its availability, quality of service, reliability, speed and product diversification, it enjoys recognition as the leader technology retailer in Turkey. TeknoSA today continues to increase service quality and diversity of products in its own business line with the support of 3500 specialized employees.

In May 2012, the company went public and the shares of TeknoSA are traded in ISE.

In order to meet customers’ technology needs, TeknoSA offers services through various channels including Customer Services accessible via Call Center (0850 222 55 99) and social media, TeknoSA stores all over Turkey, teknosa.com online shopping platform and mobile applications. Guiding its customers during their technology shopping TeknoSA improves its value-added services regularly in line with new technologies and customers’ expectations. Under the roof of Dr. Teknolog, we offer a wide range of services from warranty to installation, technical support and protection that are available in stores at your office, home or on the phone.

As the leading omni-channel investor, TeknoSA stands as a reference point in consumer technologies and one-stop shop. Aiming to be the unique address in the sector, TeknoSA invests in many various innovative areas. With the motto of ‘All Inclusive Technology’, TeknoSA Mobil offers a comprehensive service pack allowing customers to meet all technology-related requirements.

TeknoSA made a first move in technology retail industry by launching smart private label products, TeknoSA Preo P1 smart phone and smart watch Pwatch on July 2015 and the successors Preo P2 ve Pwatch2. TeknoSA offers advance technology with affordable prices to customers, and now is continuing to enlarge Preo family.

In the last quarter of 2015, TeknoSA has launched the “Connected Store” project and integrated almost 300 stores, thousands of products and 3000 store employees. TeknoSA sales consultants became more equipped with their tablets and started to give personalized service that meets the needs of the customers.

TeknoSA carries out social responsibility projects in various fields ranging from education, sports, art and the environment to serve the public and to enable wider communities to benefit from technology. TeknoSA as the Technology Supplier of National Team since 2007 has been supporting the National Team and Turkish football by providing technological infrastructure. At the same time, as the sponsor of Turkey's Professional E-Sport League by Riot Games, Company enables tens of thousands e-sport fans to reach their dreams.

TeknoSA launched Technology for Women project in 2007. The Company organizes free computer courses for women with limited access and use of technology, thereby contributing to their technology literacy.

Bearing the responsibility of being Turkey’s leader electronic retailer, TeknoSA places great importance on nurturing a qualified work force. TeknoSA Academy was founded in 2005 in order to train young professionals who plan their career in the technology retail sector and meet the qualified work force needs. All TeknoSA employees have the opportunity to improve their quality through various training programs offered by TeknoSA Academy.

TeknoSA acts as a pioneer by committing itself to educational activities in order to raise young people’s consciousness about technology and the environment. Accordingly, TeknoSA sets an example in the sector with its environmental practices such electronic waste collection, introduction of eco-friendly bags and energy efficiency efforts.