General Information

TeknoSA Domestic and Foreign Trading Inc. is the technology retailing company of Hacı Ömer Sabancı Holding A.Ş. and aims to provide consumers with the latest technology at the best prices and high quality service.

TeknoSA has grown into almost 300 stores in 81 cities across Turkey, from its humble beginning of five stores in 2000. TeknoSA has shown stable growth in a relatively short span. Further, thanks to its availability, quality of service, reliability, speed and product diversification, it enjoys recognition as the most widespread technology retailer in Turkey. TeknoSA today continues to increase service quality and diversity of products in its own business line with the support of almost 3500 specialized employees.

With a capability allowing the consumers to find any technology product they are looking for, TeknoSA offers its customers thousands of technology products including those of international brands. Having adopted the motto of “Technology for Everyone”, TeknoSA offers its customers all types of technology products with its wide network of stores, from electronics and communication devices to technological care and home appliances. With a total store area of more than 170.000 square meters and a wide range of products, TeknoSA offers technology users a unique and pleasant shopping experience each month.

TeknoSA stands out as the first technology retailer to get ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO27001:2005 Information Security Management System and ISO 10002:2004 Customer Complaints Management System.

On May 17, 2012, the IPO of TeknoSA was completed and the shares of the company began to be traded in ISE.

TeknoSA continues to receive prestigious awards from around the World as well as in Turkey. As an international success, TeknoSA won the prize for the Emerging Market Reatiler of the Year at World Retail Awards in 2012 and was selected as the “Best Managed Company in Central and Eastern Europe” in the Consumer Products/Retail category by well-known publication of finance world Euromoney Magazine.

TeknoSA provides wide range of services through all channels to meet requirements of its customers at any time. TeknoSA Customer Services is accessible via call center (444 55 99) and social media accounts. TeknoSA is next to its customers through teknosa.com and all stores located in every province of Turkey.

For contributing to the cultural and social life of the people and bringing up generations with a higher awareness of technology, TeknoSA supports many projects in the fields of education, science, art, environment and technology. TeknoSA as the Technology Supplier of National Team since 2007 has been supporting the National Team and Turkish football by providing technological infrastructure. Since 2007, with the social responsibility project “Technology for Women”, TeknoSA aims to at making the women familiar with technology by giving free computer courses to women in various cities of Turkey.

Basing on awareness of its social responsibility, TeknoSA established TeknoSA Academy on October 2005, with a view to training the young people that desire to make career in the field of technology retailing and create qualified workforce for the rapidly increasing industrial sector. In TeknoSA Academy where the future technology retailers are trained, the aim is to transfer the innovations in the retailing sector and develop personal capabilities. In the framework of training given for free, the attendants also receive training on the fields of management, professional and personal development.

Adhering to its responsibilities as the leader of its sector, TeknoSA acts as a pioneer by committing itself to educational activities in order to raise young people’s consciousness about technology and the environment. Accordingly, TeknoSA sets an example in the sector with its environmental practices such electronic waste collection, introduction of eco-friendly bags, and energy efficiency efforts.