TeknoSA İç ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş. is the technology retailing company of Hacı Ömer Sabancı Holding A.Ş., and aims to provide consumers with the latest technology at the best prices and high quality service.

Started out with 5 stores in the year 2000, almost 300 TeknoSA stores currently offer services and products in 77 cities across Turkey. TeknoSA has shown stable growth in a relatively short span of ten years. Further, thanks to its availability, quality of service, reliability, speed and product diversification, it enjoys recognition as the most widespread technology retailer in Turkey.

TeknoSA today continues to increase service quality and diversity of products in its own business line with the support of almost 4000 specialized employees, a far cry from the original 163 employees when the company was set up.

With a capability allowing the consumers to find any technology product they are looking for, TeknoSA offers its customers thousands of technology products including those of international brands. Having adopted the motto of “Technology for Everyone”, TeknoSA offers its customers all types of technology products with its wide network of stores, from electronics and communication devices to technological care and home appliances. With a total store area of more than 160.000 square meters and a wide range of products, TeknoSA offers technology users a unique and pleasant shopping experience each month.

TeknoSA stands out as the first technology retailer in Turkey to receive the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO27001:2005 Information Security Management System, and ISO 10002:2004 Customer Complaints Management System.

In May 2012, TeknoSA shares began trading on Istanbul Stock Exchange. Also in 2012, TeknoSA won a prize in the emerging markets category at the World Retailers Awards, the first Turkish company to be bestowed with this honour.

TeknoSA offers its services through different channels in order to meet requirements of its customers at all times. Customers can reach TeknoSA either via telephone, on 444 55 99, or online, at teknosa.com.

TeknoSA supports a wide variety of corporate social responsibility projects in the fields of education, science, art, environment and technology in order to contribute to future generations with a higher awareness of technology. TeknoSA has been supporting the Turkish National Soccer Team as its official technology supplier since 2007.

TeknoSA also collaborates with Istanbul University, one of the most well-established academic organizations in the country, to bring a technological dimension to their Rare Books library. With the mantra of “Technology for History,” TeknoSA has brought to life the social responsibility project “Zamana Direnen Eserler”, by giving technological support to Istanbul University to digitise hundreds of thousands of books. Additionally, with the social responsibility project “Kadın için Teknoloji”, Teknosa aims at making women familiar with technology by offering free computer courses to women in various cities of Turkey. Based on the motto of “Technology for Women”, TeknoSA aspires to make technology an integral part of women’s lives, contribute to their personal development, cultural and social lives by means of technology. TeknoSA takes pride in ensuring women benefit from convenience to be brought to by the computer to their lives.

Further to its corporate social responsibility ethos, Teknosa has established TeknoSA Academy with a view to training young people with a desire to make a career in the field of technology retailing, as well as creating a qualified workforce for the rapidly increasing sector. At TeknoSA Academy, where future technology retailers are trained, the aim is to transfer the innovations in the retailing sector to the trainees and develop their personal capabilities. In the framework of free-of-charge training, the attendants also receive training in the fields of management, professional, and personal development.

In a world with a growing population, demanding consumers, yet limited resources, TeknoSA stresses the need to expand the use of energy saving products in order to establish a sustainable balance of production and consumption. To this effect, TeknoSA started volunteer work for the collection and recycling of electronic waste in 2009. Within this framework, electronic waste collection stations were set up at all TeknoSA stores and brought into the use of consumers. While consumers can use these stations for small-sized electronic wastes, our store managers provide them with necessary guidance regarding large-sized wastes as well. Finally, as a result of TeknoSA’s cooperation with Çevko, over half a million tons of paper have been recycled since 2005.