Ceo Message

Bülent Gürcan

Dear TeknoSA Customers and Technology Lovers,

We are celebrating the 16th year of our journey that started in 2000 with the aim of making technology easily accessible to everyone. Our company has also been the milestone for organized technology retailing in Turkey. We have achieved many firsts in the last 16 years in line with our consumers’ expectations, and continued to lead the industry with innovation.

As the long-established leader of technology retailing in Turkey, we continue our activities with the same enthusiasm as the very first day, striving to add value to our country, environment and all our stakeholders.

Today, we are always there for our customers with our widespread store network, digital and mobile channels. We offer various services ranging from providing information on the products you need and value-added services that may be necessary throughout the life-cycle of your technology equipment.

Our priority is to ensure that you meet your technology needs on easy terms, with different payment methods and advantageous financing options offered by ‘TeknoFinans’. Continuing our store investments with a view to keeping in touch with our customers, we are taking important steps within the scope of our omni-channel strategy for giving our customers a perfect and seamless experience.

As a guide and reference point in technology shopping, received more than 115 million visitors last year with your interest. Our mobile applications reached 1,5 million users. In the street, in your home, at your computer or in your pocket; we are there for you when you need us.

According to our ‘One Stop Shop’ vision in technology shopping, we bring new initiatives to serve all new products, pioneer services and solutions together.

In 2015, the first innovation we have rolled out is the new mobile communication service, which will change the direction of technology retailing. Differentiating itself from its competitors with its “All-Inclusive Technology” concept, TeknoSA Mobil offers a comprehensive service pack allowing you to meet all your technology-related requirements ranging from devices to communication with one-stop solution. We offer many advantages for our customers who choose to subscribe TeknoSA Mobil as their mobile operator. Until June 2016, in addition to our mobile communications service, we offer our customers the chance of buying the mobile phones they need through their TeknoSA Mobile invoices,

In July 2015, we’ve revolutionized the technology retail industry with the “smarts” of ours. TeknoSA Preo P1 smart phone and our smart watch Pwatch, became a first in technology retail sector. We are continuing to enlarge TeknoSA Preo family with new products. We will dedicate our efforts in order to make everyone in Turkey reach easily to smart products, wearable technologies that offer a better life in a period of seamless communication and internet of things. On the other hand, we are developing our after-sale services constantly, which is one of the distinctive aspects of us. We offer revitalizing technology solutions under the roof of TeknoSA Dr.Teknolog brand.

We have launched the period of “personalized store experience” through our “Connected Store” project. We have integrated our whole stores, thousands of products and store employees.

Our sales consultants can recognize customers better and give more effective and special service by the help of their tablets and rich applications.

While achieving the firsts in the sector, we are aiming to consider both our customers’ needs and also reach more customers. Lastly, through our partnership with the most valuable entertainment brand of the world The Walt Disney Company, more than 300 variety of Disney Collection products started to take its place in our selected stores. Disney Collection will be first in Turkey with TeknoSA after USA and Mexico. This development is so important for providing us to meet children aged 2 and strengthening our insight of being the centre of experience and entertainment for whole family.

TeknoSA strives to add value not only to today’s operations and business, but also to future. We have become technology provider for many activities in the fields of education, sports, science and art, aiming to contribute to our society’s social and cultural life and raise the awareness of future generations on technology. In addition, within the scope of our social responsibility project “Technology for Women”, we provide free-of-charge computer classes for women in various provinces throughout Turkey and help women to familiarize with technology.

We aim to shape the future of technology retailing, with the support our customers, investors, employees and business partners, as we have done so far.

With the belief in the potential of our country, dynamism of our young population and technologic evolution, we will keep our investments to create value for the sector.

Warm Regards,

Bülent Gürcan
TeknoSA General Manager