Dear Friends of TeknoSA,
Following its recent restructuring, TeknoSA has raised its targets and remains determined to continue working further to offer more value to its stakeholders and to the economy of this country.

Our aim is to make technology easily accessible to everyone. In line with this aim, we began our operations with five stores in 2000. Today, we are Turkey’s leading technology retailer with almost 300 stores in 77 cities. We are increasing our reach every day with further store openings.

In 2012 our stores were visited by 100 million people, and we reached a growth rate of 40% which is more than twice the sector’s growth, and our sales exceeded 1 billion Euro, which was also a first for Turkey’s electronics retail sector. These are important indicators that our work has been appreciated by our consumers. Over our history, we have pioneered as leaders of innovation and originators of ideas. We have integrated these innovations both in our stores and teknosa.com with our core mantra of “Technology for Everyone”. We have offered a differentiated method in the technology retail sector thanks to our service oriented customer-centric approach, as well as our innovative sales and after-sales techniques. We will continue to be our customers’ premier choice thanks to these innovative solutions.

We are one of the fastest adapters to digital transformation. While we continuously develop our product range and service approach to reach more consumers via different channels, we shall also keep diversifying the TeknoSA access points every day. We carry out long lasting programs and social responsibility projects in many different areas such as education, science, sports and environment. It is of profound importance to us to contribute to cultural and social life of our society, spread the opportunities of technology to everyone, and raise conscious generations. We are determined to continue our investments to make TeknoSA the leader brand of not just today but also generations to come, and not just of Turkey but also of Europe.

Best Regards,

Necil Oyman
TeknoSA General Manager